GJK Indigenous launches GERMii UV-C

Our amazing partners at GJK Indigenous have launched GERMii’s exciting range of UV-C products.

They are now ready to deliver the NSW Government award-winning GERMii UV-C handhelds and UV-C enabled Whiz autonomous vacuuming robots as a service to their sites across Australia.

It’s also NAIDOC Week from 4th July so we’re really excited to be partnered with one of Australia’s leading indigenous service providers! You can find out more NAIDOC week here.

This tech kills COVID-19!

If you, like most Australians now, are concerned about more and more chemicals being splashed around everywhere like us, choose a better option. Choose light, not chemicals.

Typical questions:

How on earth do we sterilise a dirty keyboard or an elevator button or a lounge in the hotel or office foyer, or a mobile device, and regularly throughout the day?

A GERMii handheld lamp kills ANY virus, bacteria or living microbe in 1-2 seconds. Simple. We also have UV-C chambers for offices. Staff can open the lid, put anything in, press a button and it’s sterilised.

But how do I know it works?

Don’t take our word for it – It’s proven in a lab, Symbio Laboratories in Perth. Check it out here.

The GJK team can sterilise your offices, workstations, elevators, furniture and more using covid killing light technology! Customers can then announce on social media that their offices are even safer and they’re embracing

Chemicals are nasty – would you like to keep inhaling these, taking them home on our clothes and shoes to the kids and family?

Three weeks ago, GERMii won a NSW Government Innovation award for our COVID killing technology. Let’s use Australian technology, keep it local and support Aussies that are at the front end of global covid treatments.

Contact the amazing team at GJK Indigenous here to arrange for demonstrations or equipment for your offices and sites.