GERMii Australia launches award winning UV-C handheld packages for Australian RSL, Sporting and specialist clubs – we want to help them re-open with total confidence

The comeback is always stronger than the setback! We are here to make this happen.

Our local clubs are at the core of Australian culture and community, and they’ve faced devastating fallout from shutdowns across the country. We are here to help.

Because business requirements before and after COVID-19 cannot be the same, GERMii has the perfect solution to keep club employees and customers safe by providing a pathogen-free environment all over the club.

GERMii are launching a program to tailor and package our Australian Government award-winning UV-C handhelds for clubs, to allow them to reopen safer, encouraging members to renew, return and spend in bars, restaurants and more.

How does this work?

Our handheld lamps inactivate the DNA and RNA of viruses. So, they kill any pathogen, bacteria, mould including COVID-19 with a simple pass over a surface! They can also save clubs up to 90% a month on the cost and spend of chemicals and antivirals, so they’re cost neutral.

A gaming machine can be 100% sterilised with a 1 or 2 second pass, with no moisture or residue left for patrons when touching a machine after.

A quick sweep of empty machines, or bar surfaces, tables, entry doors and more does the job, chemical-free.

2 cents per day running cost per handheld vs $5 per litre for chemicals, antivirals plus cleaning products and PPE. Not to mention environmental benefits and no plastic containers going into landfill.

Safe, more effective, independent laboratory validated:

Germii Lab Results

Staff can safely use our handhelds on any surface including furniture, electronics and more with a simple wave of the lamp and it’s completely safe, with no PPE required. In fact, it’s safer than using harsh chemicals all day long, every day. Symbio Laboratories Australia validated the efficacy to under 1 second average.

Cost neutral or self-funding:

Announcing the rollout of Australian made, market first light technology devices to sterilise surfaces in the clubs, without the risk of more chemicals will tell the local community that your club is safer to return to.

A small number of renewals, or returning patrons enjoying meals, gaming, drinks with family and friends pays for the investment many times over.

Proudly Australian innovation for Australian clubs and business:

GERMii have developed a strong brand, and it’s a wonderful Australian story.

Our customers and partners love announcing the GERMii partnership because it’s an amazing product that started in a backyard office nearly two years ago when COVID struck, by the founder who has worked with UV-C sterilisation for many years. The first handheld lamp was designed, built, tested and deployed quickly and deployed to fight COVID on the frontlines for Ambulance and others, and has been further enhanced ever since.

Today, we’ve come a long way in a short time. GERMii have been fortunate to win major awards, have equipment in some of Australia’s largest companies and in the coming weeks, GERMii is being trialed in a major Asia Pacific airport to help the airport reopen safer.

All our equipment is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, so it supports local Australian innovation, manufacturing and jobs.

We supported Ambulance during the worst of the COVID outbreak, and are replacing chemical use with commercial cleaning companies around Australia. There is nothing on the market more effective and safer than GERMii handhelds.

Who we are:

GERMii is a 100% Australian owned innovation science and technology company, local manufacturer and employer of local people and we have lead the charge to develop the first enterprise grade UV-C light handhelds that eliminate COVID-19 on surfaces, chemical-free in less than 2 seconds!


We recently won an Australian Government innovation award for our locally developed, patented technology and were recently shortlisted for the 2021 InnovationAus People’s Choice Award.

GERMii Handheld GIL lamps:

GERMii handheld lamps are currently being rolled out in Airport Lounges, corporate offices, daycare centres, shopping centres and taken onboard for service with the major Australian cleaning companies, servicing corporate and government offices around Australia.

Chemicals are expensive, and dangerous:

Chemicals and harsh antivirals are not good. They’re dangerous and can cause reactions for patrons, service staff exposed for hours on end and they can damage furnishings, electronics and contaminate food and beverage areas. So quite rightly, customers have been looking for alternatives.

Using GERMii handhelds removes those risks, and costs. Handhelds come in 240v and battery pack versions.

Club3 and Club5 packages:

GERMii can package handhelds to be shipped to any club in Australia, with full training provided and a simple monthly payment or outright purchase on the equipment. Cost savings on chemicals and increased revenue through member activity all mean a net return for the clubs.

GERMii is also happy to provide special packages for state-wide group purchases and has units available for demonstration and trials depending on location and availability of stock.

We’re ready!

Isn’t it exciting when a small Australian science tech startup company develops technology so special and market first, that makes things better that pays for itself. Amazing breakthroughs don’t always have to come from large overseas companies, we can develop technologies that can change the world, right here in Australia.

We’re an exciting Australian pioneer in chemical-free sterilisation and we want to support Australian clubs, so we’re here to help.

If you’re a club looking to reopen and you think we can help, get in touch and our team will arrange a demonstration, a test unit for early adopters and pricing on packages. With reopening about to happen it’s the perfect time to talk to us. | 1300 437 644