GERMii’s push into Asia Pacific region is underway with South Korea launch. ICN Press release 2nd November 2021

SoftBank Robotics APAC and GERMii Australia team up to bring award-winning UV-C light sterilisation to autonomous cleaning robotics to tackle COVID-19 in South Korea.

Press release article in ICN (Industrial Communication Network) here:

Following on from our launch into Singapore, GERMii has secured several contracts already in South Korea, and issued a press release with SoftBank Robotics on the launch of GERMii for Whiz in South Korea. Following is the English translation of the article, which can be found here.

SoftBank Robotics, leaders in the global market for autonomous cleaning robotics in partnership with GERMii Australia, leaders in ultraviolet (UV-C) pathogen irradiation technology, have launched GERMii UV-C for Whiz in the South Korea market.

This release sees the markets leading cleaning robot evolve into the most advanced device in its field, as 2 in 1 solution that results in not only higher cleaning productivity and efficacy but thew solution now automatically eliminates pathogens such as COVID-19 on floor surfaces as well as in the air.

The ‘GERMii-Whiz’ solution was created in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics. It contains a UV-C Floor Plate and a UV-C Air Capture, resulting in the floor and air being  irradiated whilst cleaning.

The applications for deployment into offices, airports, medical facilities are enormous with a significant return on investment coupled with the health and safety outcomes it achieves.

GERMii’s CEO and Founder, Mr Harold Van Haltren said, “the launch of GERMii UV-C for Whiz in South Korea with SoftBank Robotics is a significant step forward for both companies, but especially so for customers needing to balance the needs of return to work with the health and safety needs of both customers and staff.

Customers no longer need to decide between investing into autonomous cleaning robots or mobile UV-C robots, they have both. This represents an important change in the way companies will approach cleaning and sterilisation of the workplace, reducing effort and spend on chemicals, antivirals, fogging, hardware and labor costs.”

GERMii UV-C for Whiz is now available for immediate dispatch with new or existing Whiz robots in the field. This is an extremely important breakthrough for companies

GERMii’s patented technology attaches easily to Whiz, targeting pathogens which may come to rest on surfaces, contaminate moisture or be suspended in the air. These pathogens present a risk to human health and welfare as we move forward past the current pandemic.

Recent independent laboratory tests conducted by Symbio Laboratories in Perth Australia highlighted that microbes were inactivated and killed in seconds when exposed to GERMii’s UV-C light. It also extends the life of carpets and is highly effective against general everyday mould and bacteria.

Furthermore, GERMii UV-C has now been approved for use by The National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA). The technology has also been chosen as a finalist and winner in an Australian Government Innovations Award and currently shortlisted in the 2021 Australian Med and Bio Tech InnovationAus awards.

A key benefit to customers in corporate, government and healthcare buildings is that they can now not only automate the strenuous task of manual vacuuming, they can now also enable automatic sterilisation of the building with Whiz.

This means a safer environment for their staff, delivering a strong message and announcement to their customers that their building has now been GERMii’d and it’s safer to visit, shop or return.

Mr Van Haltren went on to say “What we’re finding with each new deployment, is there is a sense of genuine excitement from our customers. Having this advanced technology in service in their building is a point of interest and they also consider it a cost neutral investment as it not only reduces cleaning and labour costs, it will also broadly improve efficiencies and reduce time off work due to everyday viruses such as influenza.”

Australian patented technology leading in the chemical-free fight against COVID-19 and pathogens