About Us

GERMii is an Australian headquartered engineering science and innovation company, driving exciting change in the fight against pathogens such as COVID-19 through the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of market first UV-C technology.


With a quickly growing distribution network throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond, GERMii specialises in pathogen mitigation using proven UV-C germicidal irradiation technology.

The name GERMii is an abbreviation for germicidal irradiation, which is the application of light energy to destroy germs and pathogens. Using light rather than chemicals on robots, handhelds, chambers, air conditioning systems and more, GERMii’s strategic pillars centre around cleaner, safer and lower cost of service pathogen mitigation to protect people and business.


Today GERMii has deployed solutions into major sectors including but not limited to banks, large retail headquarters, emergency services organisations and healthcare. The future looks brighter.

We can protect your staff and customers