Case Study | Bayside Council


You are looking at a GERMii Sabre, handheld UV-C sterilisation device in use at this Bayside Council Library or facility.

UV-C Handhelds

Kill time for pathogens such as COVID-19 can be as quick as a 1 second pass over.

GERMii’s Sabre UV-C handhelds are light, enterprise-grade portable units that eliminate all known pathogens including COVID-19, bacteria and mould on any surface with a single pass. Chemical-free.

We can protect
your staff and customers


    GERMii's handheld germicidal irradiation lamps come in both 240v powered and battery unit versions. Beautiful, tough devices, yet lethal to COVID-19 and other target microbes.

    The two current models available in the range are the GIL Prime and GIL Sabre.

    Prime is a powerful, trolley mounted unit designed to be used in large areas such as corporate offices, convention centres, public transport, hospitals and airports. GIL Prime can be easily mounted and operated from a cleaning trolley and powered by a 240v power extension.

    Sabre is the same size with portability in mind. This unit includes a battery pack, allowing it to be used in smaller areas where the operator prefers to be more mobile without the restrictions of a cable and trolley. Sabre is perfect for hotel lobbies and guest rooms, smaller offices, cinemas, buses and trains, bathrooms and medical centres.

    Kill time for pathogens such as COVID-19 can be as quick as a 1 second pass over.

    These amazing, Australian engineered and built devices are enterprise grade, fully encased in solid stainless steel and available for immediate order.

    While WHIZ Robots are autonomously vacuuming, staff are freed up to sterilise surfaces including cloth and  furniture, which cannot be treated easily or at all with chemicals and antivirals. The UV-C technology on GIL handhelds inactivate the DNA of viruses almost instantly, by waving the light across any surface.