Glide Escalator UV Steriliser

UV-C Whiz Robotics

SoftBank Robotics’ AI-powered commercial floorcare cleaning robot, Whiz, automates vacuuming so cleaners can focus on human-centric tasks.

Whiz automatically avoids obstacles and sends operators real-time data and alerts, giving managers peace of mind despite minimal monitoring.


Viruses can remain airborne for days depending on the flow of air and ventilation, as well as remain within an air conditioning filter or elements. Because moisture encourages the growth and mutation of microorganisms, we target those areas within the air conditioning systems or the ventilation outlets where air is cycled back into the building to inactivate them and reduce the risk of spread. UV-C provides excellent microbial control in a critical system.

GERMii’s UV-C modules are installed into building air-conditioning systems to eliminate viruses such as COVID-19, germs, bacteria and mould from air flow systems. Air with the potential for small virus and target particles that pass through the air conditioning system are treated with UV-C light before flowing back into office and workspaces. In viruses for example, the UV-C light destroys or inactivates the target particle DNA throughout the process. GERMii personnel can retrofit UV-C Modules into existing air conditioning systems.

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