ICS Services Australia | GERMii 

Congratulations! You are looking at a GERMii Sabre handheld UV-C sterilisation device or Whiz autonomous cleaner in use on this ICS Services site

These GERMii Sabre handheld devices and autonomous robots are being used by the ICS Services Australia team to use robotics and light, not chemicals to deliver safer, more sanitised and cleaner outcomes across our national sites.

This equipment eliminates all bacteria, pathogens and mould, not only COVID-19 at this site.

ICS Services and GERMii believe that we need to protect people and reduce our impact on the environment, so are proudly trying to make a difference.

This is also Australian award-winning innovation and the GERMii devices are manufactured right here in Australia!

These are some of the key benefits:

  • Using light is 100% more effective and faster, than chemicals
  • 100% more environmentally friendly
  • Produces absolutely no ozone
  • Stops chemicals going into our water and land systems
  • Has no plastic landfill outcome
  • No microplastics
  • No impact on marine life
  • Is 100% safe to use and be around
  • The units are 100% Australian designed and manufactured


GERMii specialises in pathogen mitigation using proven UV-C germicidal irradiation technology. Our equipment is being used in corporate offices, Royal Flying Doctors, hospitals and many more places.

Our goal is simple - to put a stop to the use of dangerous, expensive chemicals and antivirals.

The name GERMii is an abbreviation for germicidal irradiation, which is the application of light energy to destroy germs and pathogens. Using light rather than chemicals on robots, handhelds, chambers, air conditioning systems and more, GERMii’s strategic pillars center around cleaner, safer and lower cost of service pathogen mitigation to protect people and business.

Today GERMii has deployed solutions into major sectors including but not limited to banks, large retail headquarters, emergency services organisations and healthcare.

The future looks brighter. To know more about our company and products, click here.

We can protect your staff and customers