Meet Keenbot, your new Service Robot


The World's hardest working serving assistant, with an built in AI and personality

Keenbot is here to support your restaurant, bar, club, airport or office 24x7. She can carry up to 60kg of food and drinks, and relieve pressure off wait staff, allowing them to be on the floor with guests 90% more. Keenbot can also communicate with humans or hum a tune of your choice as she goes about delivering food and drinks, or returning cleared plates to the kitchen.

Keenbot doesn't pretend to be a human but she can work as hard as one, and can even self dock to charge throughout shifts, when things quieten down.

Why Choose Keenbot?

One Keenbot costs as little as $49 per day, compared to $320 for a person

  1. Reduces travel time to and from the kitchen
  2. Improves customer service, wait staff staff with guests
  3. Guests love robots, snapshot and upload to social media
  4. No service impact or bad reviews if staff call in sick
  5. Non stop, 24x7 worker, self docks to charge

You don't need to reduce wait staff numbers, Keenbot can work with your team and for $49 a day, she will almost instantly pay for herself.

She looks amazing as she brings orders direct to guests at their tables, or to service points in the restaurant, even when she's carrying dirty plates and glasses back to the kitchen.


Meet Keenbot

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