The Science

UV-C Handhelds

Finally, there is an alternative to expensive, dangerous chemicals to sterilise and protect against pathogens such as COVID-19. The science behind UV-C is strong, and we’re excited to be pioneering adaption of the technology to expand it’s use outside of traditional hospital and water systems.GERMii's technology is clinical proven and validated via multiple independent laboratory studies. GERMii equipment is safer than chemicals and TGA exempt. 

Throughout history, UV-C applications have been used within hospitals, food processing and water treatments, as it has been proven ultraviolet light can rapidly inactive viruses.

UV-C is proven to destroy the DNA and RNA of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, moulds and parasites. This lethality combined with the inhibiting factors achieves the goal of over 99.99% effectiveness in germ eradication. Due to its effectiveness rate, UV-C is classified as a sterilant, unlike disinfectant which only removes the pathogen from the targeted area.

GERMii technology involves the refraction of UV-C light into a narrow beam of high energy at proximity to surfaces that may hold pathogens. GERMii technology not only meets the standard from UV fluence-response data, validating the UV disinfection technology, but far exceeds the minimum.

In the case of one of GERMii’ adaptors, the lowest energy output is measured at 10,000Mj of energy at 2.5cm for the floor plate and zero for the air chamber. GERMii’ handheld wand and lance applications achieve power ratings of 40,000Mj at 2.5cm.

In all cases, GERMii energy per square centimetre far exceeds the dosage required to kill pathogens without further applications of chemicals.

To further ensure UV-C efficiency, GERMii have undergone its own research and testing to validate its technology.

UV-C Whiz Robotics

Laboratory Testing Results

GERMii has performed multiple independent tests at Symbio Laboratory which show bacteria colonies are destroyed with UV-C. The test showed that within two seconds 100% of the Golden Staph bacteria plate sample were killed when placed under UV-C. Golden Staph is commonly recognised in the health industry as the most stubborn bacteria and causes huge infection problems in hospitals. The exact UV-C configuration tested is being used in GERMii products.

Germii Lab Results

Zero GERMii UV-C Exposure
Many Colonies


30sec. GERMii UV-C Exposure
No survivors

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