UV-C Whiz Robotics

UV-C Whiz Robotics

SoftBank Robotics’ AI-powered commercial floorcare cleaning robot, Whiz, automates vacuuming so cleaners can focus on human-centric tasks.

Whiz automatically avoids obstacles and sends operators real-time data and alerts, giving managers peace of mind despite minimal monitoring.


The collaboration with SoftBank Robotics is an exciting one for the team at GERMii. Such a partnership is testimony to the cutting-edge technology GERMii has pioneered.

Today, our team is quickly rolling out Whiz across Australian sites and can have robots on the ground within days of order placement.

The recent technology partnership sees SoftBank Robotics Singapore combine the capabilities of its AI-powered flagship robot vacuum cleaner, Whiz, with GERMii’s ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology.

GERMii’s technology transforms Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) into a concentrated beam of light that is “lethal to viruses, bacteria, and pathogens”. This disinfects surfaces without relying on chemicals as well as automating the sterilisation process, via robotics.

GERMii’s collaboration with Whiz allows the robotic device to capture and kill pathogens both on the floor and in the air by harnessing UV-C technology to sterilise its path on surfaces and in the air.

In recent weeks, GERMii has delivered multiple robots across Australia via it’s established partnerships with Australia’s leading commercial cleaning companies to major banks, law firms, enterprise and facilities management companies.

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